Government under the Ministry of Energy is constructing a Bulk Fuel Depot in Chipata, Eastern Province. The bulk fuel depot is one of the 6 depots that are under construction in Zambia. The project funded by Government through the Strategic Reserve Fund (SRF) at a cost of US$32 million. The execution of the project started in 2019 and is expected to be completed by December 2021. The physical progress of the project is at 85% completion as of April 2021. After completion, the depot will be used to store the 60% of the imported finished fuel products, which will be then uplifted by the local filling stations based in Eastern Province. The capacity of the Chipata Bulk Fuel Depot is 7 million litres of fuel products broken down as follows:

• Diesel – 4 million litres
• Petrol – 2 million litres
• Keroseni – 0.5 million litres
• Jet A-1 – 0.5 million litres

Photos: Chipata Bulk Oil Depot
2. Chipata Industry Yard

Government through the Citizens Economic empowerment Commission (CEEC) and under the African Development Bank (AfDB) supported Skills Development and Entrepreneurship Project – Supporting Women and Youth in Zambia (SDEP-SWY) is implementing the Chipata Industrial Yard Project at a cost US$2.5 million. The construction of the Phase 1 of the Industrial Yard was completed in June 2020, which accommodates 12 light manufacturing and agro-processing companies. The Industrial Yard when fully operational will create 400 local jobs.

The Skills Development and Entrepreneurship Project – Supporting Women and Youth (SDEP-SWY) aims to promote job creation, gender equality and poverty reduction. It seeks to improve the livelihood opportunities of Zambia’s working poor, especially in rural areas and will benefit particularly, women and youth through enabling infrastructure and entrepreneurship for MSME business development. The Project supports the Government in its drive to address youth unemployment and reduce rural poverty and underemployment by creating about a million jobs in the medium term through support to the implementation of the Industrialization and Job Creation Strategy to ultimately promoting inclusive growth. Interventions are essentially focused on development of industrial cluster infrastructure and enabling environment to enhance MSMEs competitiveness.

Pictures of the complete Chipata Industrial Yard

3. Mwami / Mchinji One Stop Border

Government with financial support from the African Development Bank (AfDB) is constructing the Mwami/Mchinji One Stop Border Post. The One-Stop Border Post is meant to promote regional trade and integration among Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique and the project is part of the Nacala Corridor Infrastructure Development Project. The establishment of the One-Stop-Border Post will enhance trade facilitation through efficient movement of goods and people within the COMESA and SADC regions. The project co-implemented by the Governments of the Republics of Zambia and Malawi at a cost of US$8.5 million (from Zambia Government) and MWK6.9 Billion (from Malawi from Malawian Government).

On the Zambia side, Government contracted China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited to execute the project. The project started in December 2018 and is expected to be completed June 2021. The one-stop border post facilities on the Zambian side include: Passenger Terminal, Police Building with Health Facility, Customer Clearance Warehouse, Cafeteria, Pedestrian Control Gate, Control Gate, Drivers Ablution & Toilets Transformer Station, Scanner Building & Scanner Control Building, Roadworks and Truck Parking. As of April 2021, the physical progress was at 95%.

Picture: Mwami/Mchinji One-Stop Border Post Project

Picture: Mwami/Mchinji One-Stop Border Post Project