Kasenengwa, is located on the Western part of Chipata City. The district has seven wards and one constituency (Kasenengwa Constituency). Kasenengwa District is located along the Great East Road, 580 Km from Lusaka and 28 Km from Chipata (with the furthest point 108 km from Chipata City).

Social Economic and Demographic profile
The main economic activities are Agriculture and Livestock rearing. The district has limited infrastructure such as housing, roads, buildings, transport and communication. In terms of opportunities, the district is endowed with fertile soils, relatively flat terrain and a favorable climate for agriculture and livestock production. It also has a rich cultural heritage and has been selected as the site for a strategic fuel reserve depot and development of a new International Airport. The Central Statistics Office projection of 2017 shows that the district has a total population of 114,284 which is broken down as here below;
Demographic Profile