Chasefu district is one of the newly created districts in Eastern province, it borders Chama and Lundazi with only 9 wards in the district namely; Nkhanga, Membe, Magodi. Kapilisanga, Luwerezi, Chaboli, Kajilime, Manda Hill and Susa. The total planning area of chasefu township boundaries is 1433 hectares. The district is situated approximately 743 Km east of Lusaka and is the geographically largest District in the Eastern part of Zambia with 14, 068 Km Sq.

Chasefu town is located on fairly medium altitude of approximately 800 m above sea level and near to the Lake Malawi/ Luangwa River watershed. The District shares boundaries with Chama District to the north, Lundazi District to the South and the Republic of Malawi to the East.

Demographic Profile
The District has a total population of 99, 828, with the growth rate of 2.6% per annum (CSO, 2010; projected population). The urban population stands at approximately 35,000 while the remainder is rural population. The majority are female with a population of 192, 714 while males have a population of 185, 511. A large number of these populations live in the rural district and the rest in the Administrative Centre of the district.