The mandate of the Finance department is to provide effective financial management services and oversight in order to ensure accountability and transparency in the utilization of public resources in accordance with the Public Finance management Act no. 1 of 2018 and other relevant provisions of the law. Specifically under head 95 the department of Finance provides accounting services to 26 departments.

The departments under head 95 are

  1. Zanis.
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Chiefs and Traditional Affairs
  4. Forestry
  5. Lands
  6. Survey
  7. Water Affairs
  8. Labour
  9. Social Welfare
  10. Culture
  11. Meteology
  12. Community
  13. Youth
  14. Child Affairs
  15. Resettlement
  16. Local Government
  17. Town and Country planning
  18. Government transport
  19. Sports
  20. Provincial Planning Unit
  21. District Administrations
  22. Internal audit
  23. Provincial Administration
  24. Religious and national guidance
  25. Maintenance
  26. Finance.

The roles of Finance department include but not limited to:

  1. Budgeting

    In this function the Finance department prepares the provincial budget in line with the core circular. The department is also responsible for budgeting control in order to ensure that spending is strictly in line with the budget.

  2. Financial Reporting.
    Under this function, the department is responsible for producing and submitting financial reports which aids management in making financial decisions.
  3. Coordinates Audit

    The department is responsible for coordinating both Internal and external audits in order to ensure that audit issues are resolved within the stipulated period.


The department of Finance has a total establishment of 17 accounting officers at Provincial level headed by the Director of Finance. The structure is as follows:

  1. Director of Finance
  2. Principal Accountant
  3. Senior Accountant
  4. Four(4) Accountants
  5. Five(5) Assistant Accountants
  6. Five(5) Accounts Assistants

At District level the department of Finance has six (6) Accountants and two (2) Assistant Accountants.