The Provincial Planning Unit (PPU) falls under the Ministry of national Development Planning (MNDP). Its core mandate is to coordinate the development and implementation of sectorial and regional policies, plans and programmes to promote equitable and sustainable development.


The PPU performs the following specific functions:

(i) Coordinating the preparation and consolidation of sectoral and regional development plans to facilitate their integration into national development plans.

(ii) Coordinating the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of sector and regional-disaggregated socio-economic information and interpret statistics for informed policy development and planning.

(iii) Undertaking evaluation studies, research, and analysis of past and emerging trends in key sectors of the economy and the regions to generate information for decision-making.

(iv) Analyse sectoral and regional performance and undertake socio-economic forecasts to facilitate formulation of appropriate development policies and strategic options.

(v) Coordinate the preparation of annual development progress reports to provide information on implementation status of national development plans, programmes, and projects; and

(vi) Provide technical support to MPSAs to build their capacity in sectorial and regional planning and project management and ensure
integration of crosscutting issues into sectorial and regional plans.

PPU Establishment

The PPU is headed by the Assistant Director who is assisted 2 Principal Planners, 4 Senior Planners, 4 Planners, 1 Administrative Officer, 1 Office Assistant and 1 Driver.