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Government departments that are Provincial Administration include:

  1. Provincial Administration Headquarters;
  2. District Administrations
  3. Zambia News and Information Services;
  4. Chiefs and Traditional Affairs;
  5. Public Infrastructure Departments;
  6. Forestry Department;
  7. Lands Department;
  8. Survey Department;
  9. Water Resource Development Department;
  10. Labour and Factories Department;
  11. Social Welfare Department;
  12. Cultural Services Department;
  13. Civil Aviation Department;
  14. Meteorology Department;
  15. Community Development Department;
  16. Youth Development Department;
  17. Resettlement Department;
  18. Child Department;
  19. Provincial Local Government Office;
  20. Town and Country Planning Department;
  21. Government Transport Control Unit;
  22. Sports Department;
  23. Provincial Planning Unit;
  24. Provincial Accounting Unit;
  25. Internal Audit;
  26. Procurement Unit.
  27. Provincial Health Office,
  28. Provincial Education Office
  29. Provincial Agriculture Coordination Office,
  30. Provincial Livestock and Fisheries Office; and
  31. Department of Housing and Infrastructure Development (DHID).