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The Nc’wala festival celebrated in Chipata District by Ngoni tribe during February, Kulamba festival celebrated in Katete District by Chewa tribe during August, Kulonga festival celebrated in Lundazi District by Tumbuka tribe during August, Malaila festival celebrated in Mambwe District by Kunda tribe during October, Zengani festival celebrated in Lundazi District by Tumbuka tribe during October, Tuwimba festival celebrated in Petauke District by Nsenga tribe during October are the major festivals in the province. Kulamba Ceremony is the national gathering of Chewa in Zambia, Mosambique and Malawi. The Chewa chiefs pay homage to their king Kalonga Gawa Undi. Historically, the people petitioned to the king their troubles, while in modern times the chieftains inform their issues to the government. The festival originated during the 15th century. N’cwala is the annual gathering of the Ngoni tribe and is also dubbed as first fruits ceremony. It is held during the last week of February to the first week of March for three days. The members of the tribe and onlookers attend the event in thousands and arrive at Mutenguleni villages near the city of Chipata.