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Vubwi District

Location:Vubwi district is situated about thirty (53) kilometers East of Chadiza District and about Sixty Eight (68) Kilometers south of Chipata district. Vubwi district covers an area of about hundred (100) square kilometers with about Sixty (60) square kilometers being within the township.

 Area:60 Km²

Population (CSO 2010): 44,585

Males: 22, 340 (50.10%)

Females:22, 245 (49.90%)

Households:8, 712

Constituencies and Wards: The district has 1 constituency and 8 wards

Climate:The district falls within the tropical continental climate commonly known as Savannah with an annual average rainfall of between 600-700mm.During the drought years, an average of 490mm has been recorded, the District experiences three distinct season namely;-cold and dry; hot and dry; and warm and wet season known as the rain season which starts from November to mid-April while the cold and dry season (cold season) extends from mid-April to mid-August hot and dry season extends from the end of August to mid-November.Temperatures vary from high to medium.

Soil and Vegetation:The soils of the district vary from loam two sandy loams. There are two main types of vegetation namely; Miombo and Mopane woodlands. Typical trees include Baobab, Mukula and Mopane.

 Socio-economic Infrastructure: The district has the following major socio-economic infrastructure:

  • Roads:The district has a total of 350 km roads, of which 125 km are rural feeder roads and 40 km are township roads. The district has no paved township roads.


  • Education:The district has a total of 28schools, of which 14 are GRZ Basic Schools, 2 are GRZ Day Secondary Schools,8 are Community Schools.


  • Health:The district has a total of 12health facilities, of which 9 are Health Posts, 2 are Health Centres, 1 is a Zonal Health Centre, and 1 is a District Hospital (Level 1)currently under construction.


  • Water Supply and Sanitation:The district has no Township Water Supply and Sanitation Services provided by any company. A commercial borehole to supply piped water in the district has been drilled by a Zambezi Drilling Company but has not been equipped. Rural water supply and sanitation services are provided by the council in form of boreholes, wells and latrines.


  • Airport: Vubwi District has no Airstrip.


  • Public Bus Station: Vubwi has no public bus station.


  • Energy: Vubwi District is connected the national grid through the 33KV line. Power supply to the district is provided by ZESCO. The district has no filling station to supply petroleum products.


  • Radio and Television: The district local radio station is currently under construction but will be in operation by August, 2017. The district does not receive ZNBC radio 1,2 and 4 signals. In terms of television, the district does not receive ZNBC TV signal. However, the district has access to fee paying channels from MuviTV and DSTV Multichoice Zambia and others.


  • Communication:Mobile phone providers in Vubwi are MTN and Airtel. The district has no Zamtel mobile and Land Line Phone services. The district has no Post Office in operation but is currently under construction.


  • District Investment and Trade: Vubwi District has the following major investment in commerce, Industry and trading activities:


This sector has not been exploited in the district. With the diversity of culture and  captivating scenic views, there is a lot that can be done to kick start the tourism potential of  Vubwi District.

Agriculture: Major crops grown in the District include Maize, groundnuts and sunflower. The district is one of the major producers of Soya beans in the country. Livestock reared include cattle, pigs, goats and chickens.

Mining: Vubwi District is one of the few districts in the province that has a mine. The district has a Gold mine in Mlawe ward-Vubwi District. Currently there is a company prospecting mining licenses to do mining at the Chithumba Gold Mining. Apart from the Gold mining in the district, sand mining and quarrying in the district is quite high. With the increase in the construction works in the district, it is believed that quarrying and sand mining is expected to be on the increase



The fish industry has not been exploited in the district. There are a number of streams such as Vubwi stream in the district that usually dry up during the dry season. However, Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Water Affairs Department is planning to put up dams in the district to facilitate for fish farming.

Financial Sector: Vubwi district does not have a registered commercial bank to offer financial services to the district populace. However, there is an agent for Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO)

Agro-Industry:   There are no major companies that are involved in Agro- processing in the district. However, there are few individuals doing oil extraction and maize milling on a small scale.

Shopping Facilities: The district has no major supermarkets. The district has few shops mostly owned by local people.

 Trade: The main exports commodities in Vubwi District include maize and Soya beans. Most agricultural products grown in the province have a high potential on the international market. The maize and soya beans are exported to Malawi and Mozambique.

Primary Resources: Agriculture is the mainstay of Vubwi District’s economy. The main primary resources of the district are: Maize, groundnuts, sunflower, Livestock (Cattle, Pigs, Goats and Poultry) Gold, wildlife, soya beans and tobacco.