Sinda district is located between Petauke (on the Western side) and Katete (to the Eastern side) Districts. It is about 120 Km west of Chipata, the Provincial Headquarters and 460 Km east of Lusaka, Zambia’s Capital City. The district shares an international boundary with the Republic of Mozambique in the South.

Demographic Profile
Demographically, in 2010 the district recorded a population estimate of 220,979 (CSO, 2010) with the total land coverage of about 262, 288 hectares of which only 3,700 hectares is under the local authority while the rest is under the traditional authority Population increase is one of the contributors to social problems in the world.

With Sinda’s current continuous rise in population trends, it is anticipated that in the next ten (10) years or so, there could be an upward demand for social amenities such as land for agriculture, education, health, housing, energy, etc. The demand for such social services dictates land use patterns. Therefore, population growth has direct impact on land-use patterns and affects the earth’s caring capacity thereby affecting the ecosystem.