Location: Chipata District is located at 32°, 50 to 33.00’ E and 15º 50’ to 14º.00’ S. in the Eastern province of Zambia. The district is bordered by Katete, Mambwe and Lundazi Districts. The district shares an international boundary with Malawi.

Area: 2,616Km²

Population (CSO 2010): 452,428

Males: 222,207 (49.0%)

 Females: 230,221 (51.0%)

Households: 90,809

Growth Rates: District (2.1)              Males (2.0)                  Female (2.2)

Population Density: 67.6 persons per km2

Constituencies and Wards: The district has 4 constituencies and 22 wards

Climate: The mean annual maximum temperatures in the district range from 26.6ºC, to 32.3ºC while mean annual minimum temperatures ranges between 26.6 to 32.3ºC, 12ºC to 20.1°C. The average rainfall in the district is 997.2 mm

Soil and Vegetation: There are three main soil types namely Acrisols, Fersiallitic soils, and Lithosols. There are four vegetation types, the main one being the Brachystegia (Miombo) woodland and Munga vegetation types.

Traditional Ceremony: N’cwala Traditional Ceremony of the Ngoni Speaking people.

Socio-economic Infrastructure: The district has the following major socio-economic infrastructure:-

  1. Roads: The district has a total of 985 km roads, of which 865 km are rural feeder roads and 120 km are municipal roads. About 60km km of municipal roads are paved (bitumionous).
  2. Education: The district has a total of 309 schools, of which 192 are GRZ Basic Schools, 7 are GRZ Secondary Schools, 2 are GRZ High Schools, 95 are Community Schools, 9 are Private Primary Schools and 7 are Private Secondary Schools. In terms of tertiary education, the district has 1 Skills Training Centre, 1 Trades School, 1 Teachers’ Training College and 1 University (Owned by the Catholic Church).
  3. Health: The district has a total of 45 health facilities, of which 4 are Health Posts, 36 are Rural Health Centres, 3 are Urban Health Centres, 1 District Mission Hospital (Level 1) and 1 General Hospital (Level 2). The district has 3 privately owned clinics. The district has 2 Nursing Schools provided by Mwami Mission Hospital and Chipata General Hospital.
  4. Water Supply and Sanitation: Municipal Water Supply and Sanitation Services in district are provided by the Eastern Water Supply and Sewerage Company (ESWC) through piped water system. Rural Water Supply and sanitation services are provided by the council in form of boreholes, wells and latrines.
  5. Railway: The only railway line, which exists in the district, is the Chipata-Mchinji Railway. The railway line provides the shortest route for transportation of goods between Zambia and the Port of Nacala through Malawi. Though commissioned in August 2010, the railway line is not operational due to lack of Dry Port facilities at the railway station in Chipata.
  6. Airport: Chipata District is served with one airport, which receives only domestic airlines mainly served by Zambezi Airlines and Proflight Airlines. The 2 airline companies provide flights from Chipata to Lusaka and Mfuwe three times in week.
  7. Public Bus Station: Chipata is served with two public bus stations located within the town and owned by the council. The main bus station, located at Kapata, accommodates buses that operate on long distances routes. There are 10 registered bus operators at the station. The main bus station has public toilets and waiting shelter. The other bus station, located at Down Shops Area, serves buses that operate on rural routes. However, the existing bus stations are inadequate in terms of availability of space for the increasing number of buses.
  8. Energy: The district is connected to the national grid that provides electricity through ZESCO. The district has 3 petroleum stations (filling stations) that provide petrol, diesel and paraffin. Solar Power is the main source of electricity in rural areas. Charcoal is the main source of energy for heating and cooking urban area while fuel wood is mostly used in rural areas.
  9. Radio and Television: The district has 2 commercial FM radio stations and 1 community FM radio station. All the stations in the district cover the radius of more than 100km. The district receives ZNBC radio 1 and 2 signals. In terms television, the district receives ZNBC TV signal, and fee paying channels from MuviTV and DSTV Multichoice Zambia.
  10. Communication: Mobile phone providers in the Lundazi are MTN. Airtel and CellZ. Land Line Phone services are provided by Zamtel. The district has 1 Post Office
  11. Sports: The district has a stadium, sports complex and a golf course. The golf course is the oldest in Zambia established in 1902.

District Investment and Trade: Chipata District has the following major investment in commerce, Industry and trading activities:

Tourism: In the recent years, Chipata District has seen growth in the tourism sector which has been stimulated by the investment in the tourism facilities such as hotels and lodges and the rehabilitation of the airport. The district has one five-star hotel (Protea Hotel) and 20 lodges and guest houses.

Financial Sector: Offering a wide range of financial services, there are currently 8 registered commercial banks operating in Chipata District. These are ZANACO Bank, Stanbic Bank, Indo-Zambia Bank, Investrust Bank, Finance Bank, Cavmount Bank and Barclays Bank. Other firms that provide financial services in the district are Blue Financing, Byport and Capital Solutions.

Insurance: The district has 6 Insurance Companies that provides various insurance covers. The companies are Zambia State Insurance Company (ZSIC), Madison General Insurance, Professional Insurance, Goldman Insurance, African Life Insurance and Diamond Insurance.

Agro-Industry: Chipata District has 2 established cotton ginneries owned by Cargil and Chipata Cootton Companies. The Chipata Cotton Company also has a cooking oil plant that produces cooking oil from cotton seed.

Manufacturing: The district has 2 plants that brew opaque beer, 2 plants that produces mineral water, 1 plant that produces dairy products and 2 bakeries.

Shopping Facilities: Chipata District has a modern shopping mall. The major supermarkets that trade in the district are Spar and Shoprite Checkers. The district also has numerous shops mostly owned by Zambians of Indian origin.

Trade: The main exports commodities in Chipata District include cotton and tobacco. Most agricultural products grown in the province have a high potential on the international market. The Tobacco is mostly exported to Malawi, while lint cotton (including cotton cake) is exported to Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and China).

Five Primary Resources: Agriculture is the mainstay of Chipata District’s economy. The five primary resource of the district are: Maize, Tobacco, Sunflower, Cotton and Livestock (Cattle, Pigs, Goats and Poultry)