Chadiza district

Location: Chadiza district is situated in the extreme south –eastern corner of Zambia;  it lies between latitudes 13.75 and 14.30 south and longitudes 32 and 33 east. It has a total land area of 257,500 hectares (i.e 2,575 square kilometers). It shares borders with chipata district in the north, katete in the west, the republics of Mozambique and Malawi in the south and east respectively.

Area: 2,574 Km²

Population (CSO 2010): 104,255

Males: 51,245 (49.0%)

Females: 53,010 (51.0%)

Households: 20,199

Growth Rates: District (2.2)              Males (2.0)                  Female (2.4)

Population Density: 40.5 persons per km2

Constituencies and Wards: The district has 2 constituency and 22 wards

Climate: The District has a climatic characteristic similar to other parts of the country. It experiences adequate rains and has temperatures ranging between 18 and 27 for most of the year.

Soil and Vegetation: The soils are light and basically sand –loam and have low fertility with PH ranging between 4- 4.5. The soils are largely acidic.

Socio-economic Infrastructure: The district has the following major socio-economic infrastructure:-

  1. Agro-infrastructure: The District has 1 Farmers Training Centre, 2 Dip Tanks, 1 Livestock Quarantine Centre and 5 Storage Sheds which are owned by Food Reserve Agency. The district has 15 dams mainly used for agricultural purposes by communities.
  2. Education: The district has a total of 73 schools, of which 63 are GRZ Basic Schools, 2 are GRZ Secondary Schools, 2 are GRZ High School and 6 are Community Schools. There are no private owned schools in the district.
  3. Health: The district has a total of 19 health facilities, of which 6 are Health Posts, 12 are Rural Health Centres, 1 is Urban Health Centre. A new District Hospital (Level 1) is still under construction.
  4. Water Supply and Sanitation: Township Water Supply and Sanitation Services in district are provided by the Eastern Water Supply and Sewerage Company (ESWC) through piped water system. Rural Water Supply and sanitation services are provided by the council in form of boreholes, wells and latrines.
  5. Energy: Chadiza District is connected the national grid. Power supply to the district is provided by ZESCO. The district has one filling station that supplies petroleum products.
  6. Radio and Television: The district has no local radio station. The district receives ZNBC radio 1 and 2 signals. In terms television, the district receives ZNBC TV signal, and fee paying channels from MuviTV and DSTV Multichoice Zambia.
  7. Communication: Mobile phone providers in the Chadiza are MTN. Airtel and CellZ. Land Line Phone services are provided by Zamtel. The district has 1 Post Office

District Investment and Trade: Chadiza District has the following major investment in commerce, Industry and trading activities:

Agriculture: Major crops grown in the District include Maize, Tobacco, Cotton and sunflower. Livestock reared include cattle, pigs, goats and chickens.

Financial Sector: Chadiza District has no registered commercial bank. However, ZANACO Bank provides mobile banking in the district once per week.

Agro-Industry:   There no major companies that are involved in Agro- processing in the District. However, there are few individuals doing oil extraction and maize milling on a small scale.

Shopping Facilities: The district has no major supermarkets. The district has few shops mostly owned by local people.

Trade: The main exports commodities in Chadiza District include maize and cotton. Most agricultural products grown in the province have a high potential on the international market. The lint cotton (including cotton cake) is exported to Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and China).

Five Primary Resources: Agriculture is the mainstay of Chadiza District’s economy. The main primary resources of the district are: Maize, Cotton and sunflower, Livestock (Cattle, Pigs, Goats and Poultry).