The Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship is under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Department undertakes a broad mandate of the issuing National Registration identity Documents and travel Documents. It also registers both its citizen and bonafide foreigners in accordance with the provision of the law.


  • Issuance of national registration cards to Zambian citizens and non-Zambians under cap 126
  • Issuance of adoption certificates to adopted children under cap 50
  • Issuance of birth and death certificates to Zambian citizens and non- Zambians under cap 51
  • Issuance of marriage certificates under cap 54
  • Issuance of citizenship certificates to non Zambians who qualifies or meets all the documentations under cap 124
  • Issuance of national travel documents under passport act no.22 of 2003.
  • The Department was also given administrative responsibilities to perform functions on behalf of the office of the Registrar of Societies in the Ministry of Home Affairs in all the districts where National Registration offices are operating.

The Provincial National Registration, Passport and Citizenship is headed by the Registrar,1 Assistant Registration Officer,1 Office Orderly and 1 Driver.