Eastern Provincial Administration (EPA) is an extension of Central Government (Cabinet Office) at Provincial level responsible for coordinating implementation of national programmes and policies in the Province. The mandate of Provincial Administration is provided for in the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016 under Article 150 (1) and (2), which is stated as follows:

“There shall be established for each Province an administrative secretariat, which shall consist of a Provincial Minister, a Provincial Permanent Secretary, and other staff, as prescribed. The Provincial Administration shall have overall responsibility of the Province and perform other functions as prescribed”. The Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act of 2016 further prescribes the functions of the Provincial Administration as follows: –

  1. Administration of justice and legal affairs;
  2. Agriculture, Animal control and diseases;
  3. Consumer protection;
  4. Cultural matters and Customary law;
  5. Education at all levels, excluding tertiary education;
  6. Environmental management and administration of forests;
  7. Nature conservation and Soil conservation;
  8. Provincial spatial planning and development;
  9. Health services;
  10. Housing;
  11. Industrial promotion;
  12. Language policy and the regulation of official languages;
  13. Parliamentary Business;
  14. Legislative procedures and processes;
  15. Pollution control;
  16. Population development;
  17. Property transfer tax;
  18. Public procurement;
  19. Public transport;
  20. Public works only in respect of the needs of provincial administration;
  21. Tourism, trade and commerce;
  22. Urban and rural development;
  23. Welfare services;
  24. Industrial and Labour relations;
  25. Resettlement; and
  26. Investment.

The Provincial Minister is the Head of Government in the Province while the Permanent Secretary is the Controlling Officer and Head of the Public Service in the Province. The Structure of Provincial Administration comprises the following:- The Provincial Minister, The Permanent Secretary, with his staff and Line Ministries who’s Heads of Departments report to the Provincial Permanent Secretary on administrative matters and the on the other hand reporting relationship with Line Ministries is on technical matters. Each district in the Province is headed by a District Commissioner who reports to the Permanent Secretary.

In carrying out its functions, the Province collaborates with several institutions including State House, Cabinet Office, Government Ministries, Community Based Groups/Organisations, Civil Society Organisations and Cooperating Partners, Utility Companies (ZESCO, Zamtel, Eastern Water and Sewerage Company), statutory bodies and Faith Based Organisations.

The vision for Eastern Provincial Administration is “A Smart and Value Centred Eastern Province”. To realise this vision, the Provincial Administration has identified three (03) strategic themes and the associated strategic results underpinning the 2018 -2021 Strategy for effective execution of its mandate. These are: Operational Excellence for effective and efficient service delivery; Stakeholders Partnership for effective and efficient coordination; and Provincial Development Excellence for inclusive provincial sustainable development. The EPA commits itself to its mission statement which states, “To coordinate programme implementation for equitable and an inclusive sustainable development”. To enhance public confidence in the EPA, the province commits to adhere to the following eight (8) Core Values: Accountability, Confidentiality, Innovation, Integrity, Objectivity, Patriotism, Teamwork, and Transparency during execution of its core mandate.

Goal Statement

The Goal for Provincial Administration in relation with this year’s theme which is “Constructing the Africa we want through embracing an ethical culture that underpins purpose driven leadership” Provincial Administration has been spearheaded this by coordinating and, accelerating sustainable development that ensures increased access to equitable quality services in order to improve the living standards of the people in Eastern Province”.
In addition, according to all the sub four themes which are;

  1. Celebrating the contribution of the public servant, a story of courage and resilience in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic ;
  2. Embracing cultural diversity as a lever to strengthen institutions for a responsive and ethical public administration;
  3. Deploying technology to sustain and enhance service delivery in the face of this challenging Covid-19 pandemic climate; and
  4. Achieve inclusivity through harnessing Arts and culture as instruments to inform, market and build demand side capacity for effective and efficient service delivery.
  5. Provincial Administration suit well in all the above four sub themes as it operates with 8 values statements under listed below;

Value Statement

The operations of the Eastern Provincial Administration (EPA) and, more specifically, the conduct and behavior of the staff for the next four (4) years will be anchored on the following Eight (8) Core Values: Objectivity, innovativeness, Integrity, Transparency, Teamwork, Patriotism, Accountability and confidentiality during execution of its core mandate. The Meaning of these core values is follows:-

  • Objectivity

  • We are just, unbiased and not subjective in our decision making. We shall carry out public appointments, awarding contracts, recommending individuals for rewards and benefits on merit basis without being subjective and biased.

  • Innovativeness

  • The capacity to introduce new ideas and processes and economically useful knowledge. We shall Endeavor to be creative, proactive and search for intelligent solutions in the execution of our duties.

  • Integrity

  • We uphold the highest standards of honesty in all our actions. We shall make decisions and act solely in the public interest without consideration for self-gain.

  • Transparency

  • We have an obligation to share information in an open and clear manner to the general public and amongst ourselves through the application of an open door policy. We shall practice and maintain open lines of communication.

  • Teamwork

  • We will work together regardless of our individuality and diversity to achieve a common goal in the most effective and efficient way.

  • Patriotism
  • We are fully devoted to our country Zambia and to its fundamental values and principles.

  • Accountability

  • We are responsible for our actions to the government and the public in the way we discharge our duties. We shall remain accountable for the decisions and actions to the public by submitting ourselves to whatever scrutiny that is appropriate.

  • Confidentiality

  • We shall foster trust through upholding of clients’ and workers’ information and not disclose it to unauthorized persons.

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