Historical Wonders


Rock-View Farm is situated in Mambwe District – Eastern Province – on the road from Chipata to South and North Luangwa National Parks. The wilderness trail for the Luangwa Game Manage-ment area starts at the above-mentioned site da-ting as far back as 1940, having been one of the sites which served as a camp for cropping wild elephants for ivory trade during the Northern Rho-desia Government. The other significance is that it was a sanctuary for people travelling on foot to Fort Jameson and South Luangwa Valley. They slept in the caves, which are found in the big rocks, which have now become a sanctuary for big snakes like pythons. It was a must for whosoever arrived at the site to sleep for fear of wild animals which were prevalent by then due to less influx of people. The site now provides scenery of natural rock areas with reptiles like the yellow-headed tree agama that is a rare species in Southern Africa.


This is an arts centre named after one of the prominent visual artist and founder of the Zambia National Visual Arts Council (VAC), the Late Martin Phiri.

Fort Young – Fwaya (National heritage site)

The site is situated in Chief Mpezeni’s area. The fort was established in July 1896 by lieutenant colonel Gar-diner, Walton for North Chartaland exploration compa-ny and named after the chairman. This fort was near the town of Chief Mpezeni at Luangeni and was held during the Ngoni uprising of 1897 by Carl Weise. It is believed to have been abandoned about 1902.

Katololo Rock Painting

The paintings are situated in Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area along Chadiza road. The rock painting has been vandalized and a piece of the rock was cut off by unknown people .The paintings are not protect-ed and the pictures below show the remains of the Bushmen paintings.

Chiwoko Rock Paintings

These paintings are found in chief Nzamane’s area in the Zambia National Service Camp, off Great East road. The paintings are fully protected and preserved by ZNS