Tourism is the second important industry in the Province.  Eastern Province has 4 national parks: South Luangwa (9,050Km.sq), Lukusuzi (2,720Km.sq), Luambe (254Km.sq) and Nyika (80 km.sq).  These with the exception of South Luangwa, are significantly under-exploited from a commercial perspective.  The centre of non-consumptive tourism is South Luangwa Park in Mfuwe .The province hosts significant consumptive tourism in prime hunting areas located in Lumimba ,Lupande and musalangu game management areas.  Unexploited tourist opportunities also include Game ranching (currently only 4 exist) and the Hot Springs in Petauke.  Currently, the tourism industry is based on foreign tourists, with negligible participation from locals (Eastern Province) or Zambians generally.  Promotion of what could be termed low cost, high volume tourism targeted at the local population in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, could be a major growth area.