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Ngonis Celebrate 40 Years of N’cwala


Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people on Saturday, February 26, 2023, led hundreds of people yet again to celebrate the N’cwala Ceremony at Mutenguleni Village in Kasenengwa District.


This year’s Nc’wala marked the 40th anniversary of the revival of the traditional ceremony in 1980 and the 40 years reign of the Mpezeni on the throne.


The Ngonis celebrate the N’cwala as a thanks rite for the first harvest from their crop fields.


Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo represented President Hakainde Hichilema at the ceremony celebrated under the theme 40-40 for Love, Peace and Unity.

The Presidential message delivered in the speech pledged the Government’s support to initiatives aimed at enhancing peace and unity in the country.


Mr Nkombo told the Paramount Chief Mpezeni and hundreds of attendees that it is the desire of the government and President Hakainde Hichilema to see that all the people in the country live in peace and harmony.


He mentioned that the Government is embarking on uniting and developing the country in its entirety, without being selective.


He underscored the Government’s commitment to deliver development that is people-driven and render support to programmes that promote peace and unity.


“We will support any programmes that are tailor-made to promote peace and harmony in the country because this is fundamental bedrock for any society and for peace to prevail,” he noted.


He further thanked the paramount chief for supplementing government efforts in addressing cases of early marriages and the promotion of education as an equaliser in life.


The Minister also promised to take the request by chief Mpezeni to rename the Great East road to Umodzi Highway and also the honouring the first Ngoni king in Zambia Nsingo who was executed by Anglo-American soldiers in the late 1880’s.


Earlier, Paramount Chief Mpezeni advised politicians in the country to embrace and sustain peace, love and unity if the country is to develop.


The Chief who spoke through the N’cwala National Organising Committee Chairperson Betsy Nkhoma, Paramount Chief Mpezeni called for politicians to love and embrace each other in forgiveness.


He noted that tension among the country’s leadership has the potential to divide people into tribe, ethnicity and religious lines.


“I urge politicians to defend and sustain the peace which our forefathers fought for, through the one Zambia one nation motto, the future of Zambia lays in peace, love, unity and forgiveness which is key in national development,” he said.


The traditional leader has since proposed that the Great East road from the KK International Airport roundabout to the Mwami-Mchinji border with Malawi be renamed as Umodzi Highway.


He also encouraged young people to pursue education to create wealth and refrain from engaging in illicit activities and child marriages as a livelihood.





PICTURE 1: PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni drinks blood from a black bull that is sacrificed to appease ancestral spirits during the Nc’wala traditional ceremony PICTURE BY STEPHEN MUKOBEKO/ZANIS


PICTURE 2: MINISTER of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo officiates at this year’s N’cwala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people in Eastern Province held on February 26, 2023. PICTURE BY STEPHEN MUKOBEKO/ZANIS


PICTURE 3: MINISTER of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo and Nc’wala National Organising Committee Chairperson Betsy Nkhoma follow the proceedings of the event.


PICTURE 4: Paramount Chief Mpezeni, enter the arena in grand style during this year’s Nc’wala traditional ceremony held in Mtenguleni. PICTURES B7Y STEPHEN MUKOBEKO/ZANIS