eastern provincial administration

Eastern PS Inspects Flooded Bridges on Lusangazi-Petauke Road

Chilimanyama and Msanzala bridges in Petauke and Lusangazi districts are in urgent need of reconstruction to make them all weather for movement of goods and people.


This is because on days when it rains heavily, communities on both ends of Chilimanyama and Msanzala are cut off because the two bridges are submerged. 


Eastern province Permanent Secretary Paul Thole led other government officials to check on the prevailing situation, after which he gave assurance that the road infrastructure will receive attention. 


These two bridges situated along Petauke-Lusangazi road and Chikuse road are just some of the crossing points that become impassable during the rainy season.


In some places that crossing are not raised enough and become submerged at the slightest rainfall when water levels starts to rise in streams and rivers.

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