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Eastern Permanent Secretary Paul Thole Commissions K1.8 Million Lusangazi CDF Projects

Naomi Mwimba


Government in the month of January handed over various projects amounting to about K1.8 million implemented using the Constituency Development Fund to the community in Msanzala Constituency of Lusangazi District in Eastern Province.


The projects handed over to the community included 33 boreholes rehabilitated at a cost of over K1.2 million Kwacha, a staff house at Chikuse Primary School that cost K 95,172 in repairs a 1 x 3 classroom block at Kalumbi Primary school that cost K495,000 to get a facelift.


Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Paul Thole handed over the projects on January 25, 2023, stating that the infrastructure and water boreholes are clear demonstration of the government’s commitment to develop every part of the country irrespective of people’s political affiliation.


Mr Thole underscored that the handover of the project is also an indicator that development is being realised using the 2021 and 2022 Constituency Development Funds.


The Permanent Secretary assured that the government will continue implementing more projects including repairing bridges for development to be attained.


And Msanzala Constituency Member of Parliament, Elias Daka said the commissioned projects were part of the many projects being undertaken using the Constituency Development Fund in the area.


Mr Daka added that among the 33 boreholes, 18 have gone to Sandwe Chiefdom and 15 were sunk in Nyamphande Chiefdom covering all 11 local government wards.


“These projects were identified by the Ward Development Committee and are among the projects being undertaken in all the 11 wards of Msanzala,” he said.


Lusangazi District Commissioner Mike Tembo is happy with the many projects being undertaken using Constituency Development Fund in the district.


Meanwhile, Lusangazi Council Secretary Mabvuto Masiye said the increase of CDF from K1.6 million to K25.7 and now to K 28.3 million was a great achievement in the attainment of decentralisation.


And Chief Nyamphande’s representative, Joyce Mwanza, urged the community to ensure that they take care of the projects.


She said the traditional leadership in the area was happy with the many developments achieved in Lusangazi.


“We are grateful to Government for the many developmental projects being undertaken in Lusangazi and I’m urging you to please take care of the projects,” she said.


Also present during the function was Lusangazi District Council Chairperson Blackson Tembo.



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